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Individual therapy can allow you to develop a stronger sense of self, deepen your relationships with others, and heal from trauma. Past struggles and current patterns of feelings and thoughts can cause strain on your sense of self and your relationships.I primarily work from a relational psychodynamic orientation and also include my training from narrative therapy, internal family systems, and somatic experiencing (body work). I specialize in working with adults with complex trauma, anxiety, and relationship difficulties. I also work with parents on their own issues in the context of supporting their child.


My approach with children is warm, playful, and welcoming. I work closely with parents to help understand the struggles your child might be experiencing. I am trained in play therapy and sandtray which helps us to understand your child's unique worldview. We'll identify changes that can be made to improve your child's daily experience. I have a background working in schools and am available to consult and partner with your child's educational team. I also specialize in working with adolescents around teen issues of social media, self-esteem, emotional dysregulation, and peer issues.


In couples therapy, I will help you and your partner identify your relational goals and work on practical skills to achieve them. My approach to couples therapy uses attachment theory to help facilitate co-regulation between partners and transform insecure connection to a secure-functioning relationship. This approach allows couples to better understand and appreciate each others needs and helps the couple get "unstuck" from cycles of unproductive arguing. Through this work you and your partner will be able to create a deeper, meaningful connection, and a shared vision for your relationship.

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